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SPECIALTY WINDOW SHADES • CUSTOM WINDOW GRILLES – wrought iron motifs, shutters, blinds

Specialty window shades are custom made for those windows that are not a standard size or shape. We have a solution no matter what the shade or size of your window or door. Windows Dressed Up in Denver has a variety of options and window treatment ideas available.

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custom specialty window shades window grilles wrought iron grilles arch window, Triangle Window, Specialty Shapes

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HunterDouglas ® Graber ® Lafayette Interior Fashions ® are all registered trademarks and cannot be ordered online. Visit Windows Dressed Up showroom in Denver for window treatment ideas.

custom specialty window shades window grilles wrought iron grilles half moon shades half circle shades octagon

Custom Specialty Window Shades window grilles Wrought Iron Grilles Hexagon Specialty Shapes window grilles
  • Helser Brothers Tableaux custom motifs provide the look and feel of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost. The Tableaux product addresses even the most daunting challenges with style.
  • Custom ironwork and custom window grilles add an element of style not normally found in window treatments. Helser Brothers have a unique offering for areas of your home that deserve special treatment.

custom specialty window shades window grilles Helser Brothers ironwork grilles window grilles iron lattice motifs

Visit Windows Dressed Up’s Denver Showroom to operate our shades on display. We have experience in custom specialty window shades for a variety of windows. While you are here, test a cordless blind, blackout shades or motorized shades.Talk to a Certified Interior Designer to get more window treatment ideas. We also make custom drapes, bedding and have curtain rods and drapery hardware. Call us at 303.455.1009.

Why should I consider Custom Specialty Window Shades ?

You have a choice of what you buy and where you buy it. If your window treatment is “off the shelf”, your choices are limited. Whether you are looking at drapes, blinds, shutters or shades, what more do you get when you order custom-made specialty window shades?

You will get exactly what you want • Precise fit looks better, insulates better • Choice of right or left pull cord or cordless system • Motorized window shades • Superior lifting systems • Huge selection of fabric styles & colors to match your home decor • Lined drapes or curtains for light-control & insulation • Discuss your project and get ideas with a Certified Interior Designer • Measuring & installation services available