Why order a FREE fabric sample?

Order samples to insure the color and texture is the one you want. Computer screen resolutions vary, and may not be an exact match to the actual fabric color. Samples will allow you to experience the fabric in light at various times of the day and in multiple locations.

How to order a FREE Fabric Sample

  1. You can order samples without creating an account. If you would like to permanently store your fabric, please open an account and Windows Dressed Up Online can remember as many fabrics as you would like for future viewing. Open an account
  2. You can start the selection process for fabric in the Shop/Shop by Fabric section.
  3. Individual fabrics have an “Add to Favorites” and a “Request Sample” button. If you haven’t created an account, the fabric will save in “My Account” (Found at the top of every page) temporarily until you close out of our website.
  4. We suggest you Request Samples after you have Created a Treatment.
  5. When you are ready to order samples, look at your collection of fabrics in “My Account” and select up to 10 samples.
  6. Click the “Send Samples” button.
  7. They should arrive within 10 business days. Please return unused samples in prepaid envelope contained in your shipment.
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