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How to Clean Blinds • Curtains • Window Treatments

how to clean blinds curtains window treatments

How to Clean Blinds • Shades • Shutters Ι Hard Window Treatments

How to clean blinds, shutters, shades, curtains, drapes & other window coverings is something you will eventually need to do. Proper care and maintenance of your investment will help keep the window treatment looking beautiful for years.

There are many types of window treatments and each one will require a different method of cleaning or care. We highly recommend that if you purchased a brand name window treatment like Hunter Douglas, Graber, Lafayette and many more, that you go to their websites and look for Care & Cleaning of the particular product you own. Although many manufactures make their window treatments with durable, washable fabrics, warranties can be voided if you do not follow their recommended steps for cleaning. Check to be sure.

Hard window treatments like blinds, shutters or shades are made of wood, metal, vinyl, composite, plastic – many covered in a wide variety of fabrics, which requires even more care in deciding which method is best.

Cleaning Suggestions for Hard Window Treatments

Aluminum · Fabric · Metal · Wooden • Vinyl Blinds & Shades

  • vacuum with a soft brush attachment, but go across the slats, not up and down. Do the same on the back side, then reverse the angle of the slats and repeat. If your vacuum is capable of blowing forced air, consider using first.
  • If by hand, use a sock, lambs wool duster, feather duster, purchase a slat cleaning tool, but do not use something hard that will scratch the surface.
  • Spot cleaning can be accomplised by using a “dry sponge” found in most stores to clean away imbedded on the slats.
  • If a wet cleaner is needed, use glass cleaner or an all purpose cleaner – do not spray directly on the blind, only in a dry cloth. If in doubt, clean a spot on the back side first. Wood blinds can be cleaned with a wet solution, but only spray on the cleaning cloth first.
  • If you have fabric blinds that do not clean well with ‘dry’ methods, you should take them to a dry cleaner.
  • Metal and vinyl blinds – many take these blinds outside, hang them with ‘S’ hooks, and spray them with a hose and clean them with a soft brush. Go across the slats, not up and down! Reverse the slats and repeat. Let hang with slats open to dry. CAUTION: relatively calm wind day……


How to Clean Curtains • Drapes • Valances • Shades Ι Soft Window Treatments

Curtains • Drapes • Curtain Panels • Valances • Fabric Roman Shades come in a variety of fabrics.

Polyester • polymide • spandex • cotton • linen • silk • polyacrylic • viscose • acrylic • rayon • bamboo • metalic fabric • rayon embroidery • wool • and MANY MORE!

  • Generally, most fabric window treatments will need to go to the DRY CLEANERS, as they don’t react kindly to many household cleaning products.
  • Sheers, curtains and draperies = dry cleaners. Make sure you use a reputable one that blocks the sheers and drapes after dry cleaning, or the length may shrink.
  • There are steps you should take during everyday cleaning to keep your treatments looking their best. Frequent vacuuming and light brushing will keep down the build up of dust and dirt. Preventive maintenance will keep them looking good for years.
  • Do not allow the fabric to become really, really dirty before taking it to the dry cleaners, or you most likely won’t be happy with what comes back.
  • If you do know the what the fabric is made of, Search the Web for cleaning solutions in case there is another method besides dry cleaning. Many blinds and shades do have durable fabrics, but make sure.
  • Knowing the CLEANING CODE of your fabric will go a long way toward knowing what is the best method to clean. The cleaning code is found on the care instructions, or on a tag attached to the fabric or treatment. If in doubt about what your fabric is made of…..DRY CLEAN….!!

Cleaning Codes

  • S  Must be dry cleaned only with dry cleaning solvents. Do not use water, as the fabric won’t react well. Spot clean only with dry cleaning solvents at home, but make sure you blow the spot dry to avoid a ring.
  • W Water based cleaning – if you have a home upholstery/carpet cleaner, use the attachments to clean it. You must have a very durable fabric! Usually not found on curtains, drapes, blinds, shades, though…..furniture, cushions, etc….
  • WS Spot clean with an upholstery cleaner or mild detergent or cleaning solvert. Do not overly saturate the fabric. May need brushing out to look best. Common for seat cushions.
  • SW A combination of solvents AND water can be used. You probably won’t see this code often, but generally, let professional dry cleaners take care of your fabric. If not, blot spills immediately from the outside toward the center and use a solvent based cleaner if you have one.
  • XS Be careful. Clean only by vacuuming or light brushing. Cleaning with water-based or solvent-based cleaners of any kind can damage the backing, cause shrinkage, or stains from the cleaning.
  • X Do not clean with water or solvent based cleaner. Vacuum or brush.

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