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Design Tips & Ideas for Window Treatments


Design tips and ideas for the many window covering products available – knowing which ones are right for your windows is a great place to start. Your answers to the following questions will help guide you in the right direction.

  • Which direction does the window face? Sun or no sun!
  • How long will you be in your home? Few years or forever home.
  • What is your budget for the project? Wide range of products to fit.
  • Are you concerned about protecting your room from the sun’s harmful UV rays? UV rays can damage floors, fabric, artwork…
  • Is safety a main concern? Privacy from the outside.
  • Do you have pets or children in your household?
  • Would you like your treatments to be environmentally friendly or be made from sustainable sources?

When designing your window treatments, prioritizing your needs for the window will help narrow down your options. Start with the basic needs:

Privacy · Light Control · Function · Style

Light Filtering Control

design tips and light filtering

Depending on your goal, window treatments can:

Let in the sunlight and keep the harmful UV rays out

Filter some of the light or all of the light, depending on the time of day.

Block the light completely – blackout curtains, blinds, shades

Motorized blinds, shutters, shades, curtains & drapes all from your smartphone.


design tips ideas window treatment privacy

When is Privacy most Important?

Some people do not need privacy in window treatments. For many of us, however, privacy can be a major issue.

If you have a bathroom window that looks directly into your neighbor’s hallway or a dining room that looks out on a busy sidewalk, you probably need privacy



Look at the window in the framework of the room and how the room is used?

Do you have beautiful windows that you want to show off, or do your windows need a little help with some type of “cover-up”?

Do you need your windows to provide most, if not all of the lighting for the room?

Is you window a focal point of your room?

Style Design Tips for Window Treatments

Bedding, Vertical, Soft Shades, Place Matts

What is your decorating style?

If you’re not sure, Windows Dressed Up can help you define your style and can help you coordinate your window treatment with your decorating style.

There are many different places to start your selection process, and in the end, you will have defined your style and created a beautiful window.

Use your favorite color as a guide.

Take cues from current trends, both in the world of fashion and interior design.

Use your favorite texture or pattern, such as tweed, stripes or floral.

Finally, if you need products that address privacy and light control, but still would like to infuse style into your room, layer the treatments. For instance, put blinds next to the window to control light and hang fabric panels for style and color.

For more design tips, and window treatment ideas, come into Windows Dressed Up and discuss your next project with a Certified Interior Designer.

Visit Windows Dressed Up’s Denver Showroom to talk about more design tips and window treatment ideas. We have Hunter Douglas, Graber, Lafayette Interior Fashions blinds, shutters or shades on display. Test a cordless blind, blackout shades or motorized shades.Talk to a Certified Interior Designer to get more window treatment ideas. We also make custom drapes, bedding and have curtain rods and drapery hardware. Call us at 303.455.1009.

Why should I consider Custom Window Treatments?

You have a choice of what you buy and where you buy it. If your window treatment is “off the shelf”, your choices are limited. Whether you are looking at drapes, blinds, shutters or shades, what more do you get when you order custom-made instead of a big box treatment?

You will get exactly what you want • Precise fit looks better, insulates better • Choice of right or left pull cord or cordless system • Motorized curtains • Superior lifting systems • Huge selection of fabric styles & colors to match your home decor • Lined drapes or curtains for light-control & insulation • Discuss your project and get ideas with a Certified Interior Designer • Measuring & installation services available